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One Linlithgow Ltd- The Vennel Starter Project - £23,000

One Linlithgow Ltd is a Business Improvement District (BID) in Linlithgow, implementing the 2019-2024 business plan supported by over 300 local businesses. Its goal is to enhance the BID area by delivering projects and services that benefit businesses, customers, and visitors.

One Linlithgow Ltd is looking to upgrade and improve the Vennel area of Linlithgow. The path to the Loch in Linlithgow through the Vennel can be intimidating due to its darkness, leading to anti-social behaviour as reported by residents. Making the area more welcoming for locals would aim to reduce such behaviour and create a better impression for visitors.

Therefore, One Linlithgow Ltd are seeking £23,000 to connect the Vennel with Linlithgow Loch and mark the entrances into the public space by opening up the wall at the north end of the Vennel to create a more direct link to through the Vennel between the High Street and the Loch. Also, One Linlithgow Ltd are looking to repaint the blank gable walls which enclose the Vennel and then encourage local artists to infill these with locally influenced designs.