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Reconnect SCIO (Reconnect Theatres) - Howden Park Centre Old Stables Entrance - £23,500

Reconnect Theatres manages West Lothian's two largest arts venues, the Reconnect Regal Theatre in Bathgate and the Howden Park Centre in Livingston. The artistic programme features a wide range of professional and amateur theatre, music, and dance performances. Both venues also offer a diverse range of community classes, conferences, and public and private events. Each year, more than 300 events are held across the two venues.

Reconnect Theatres aims to reinstate the original entrance to Howden Park Centre and create a new community wing that will be fully self-sustainable.The historic part of the building is situated in the south part, which once served as the old stables of Howden House and was the original entrance until 1994. The project will enhance the accessibility to the centre, improve amenities and provide a more effective and efficient use of the space at Howden Park Centre for the benefit of the community.

Therefore, Reconnect Theatres seeks £23,500 in funding to achieve several critical objectives. Firstly, Reconnect Theatres aims to make the new community wing fully self-sustainable by creating a separate entrance. As a result, more community classes and events can be offered to the community members. Secondly, the project entails expanding the exhibition space, thereby improving the overall visitor experience. Thirdly, the project aims to enhance amenities by installing a new accessible toilet at Howden Park Centre, making it more inclusive for all. Lastly, the project will redesign the reception and café area to boost footfall and ensure a more inviting and dynamic space for the community.