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Spark- Community Collaboration Hub - £16,500

Spark provides support and activity to combat social isolation and loneliness, ensuring the community is a diverse and inclusive place. This includes providing space for volunteering, for learning, for working and for fun, social activity. Spark brings people together to make new connections, share and learn new skills and experiences, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or other personal circumstance. This in turn supports positive wellbeing and strengthens our community. Spark are the anti-poverty lead organisation within the Craigshill regeneration group.

Spark is based in the heart of the Craigshill and has members attending daytime activities regularly, from across West Lothian. Discussions via the community led regeneration group indicate a desire to create local opportunities for learning, leisure and socialising, into the evening. Sadly, in recent months, there has been a spate of anti-social behaviour across the Craigshill area but centring on Spark's Community hub and neighbouring organisations. Spark would like to install additional security lighting and internal and external CCTV to be able to open later. The Community Hub already offers a lifeline to many in the community and by being able to open later into the evening means Spark can attract different sectors of our community through health and wellbeing classes, learning opportunities and community events.

Therefore, Spark are seeking £16,500 to install an internal and external CCTV system to their community hub. In addition to this Spark wishes to install additional outdoor lighting to make the Community Hub more secure. This would be done using effective and efficient environmentally friendly, low carbon options such as LED motion lighting, which is aesthetically pleasing to the environment and security cameras.