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Bathgate Community Education Centre Association - Upgrading Kirkton Pavilion - £25,000

Bathgate Community Education Centre Association provide spaces for community groups and organisations serving a wide range of groups and sporting activities. The Kirkton Pavilion is situated in a public park, with a bowling green and tennis courts. The pavilion is used by a number of sports clubs which help members of the community access a variety of sports. The groups want to upgrade and modernise the building and make it attractive as a venue to more groups and also attract more members to the existing clubs.

Bathgate Community Education Centre is seeking to enhance two areas of Kirkton Pavilion to support its future as a community-managed facility and create a positive impact. Firstly, the group wishes to replace the heating system to make it more energy efficient and effective at heating the pavilion. These improvements would make the building more fuel efficient and provide a better comfort level of warmth to encourage all year round use for meetings and events.  Secondly the group wishes to upgrade the kitchen to provide better catering facilities to support fundraising activities.

Therefore, Bathgate Community Education seek £25,000 for the purchase and installation of a new heating system. Furthermore, the funding would support kitchen modernisation works, involving the replacement of outdated storage cupboards and worktops, installation of new refrigeration and cooking units, display cabinets, and upgrading the kitchen's electrical and ventilation systems.