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West Lothian African Women's Network: African-Scottish Expo 2024 - £4700

The West Lothian African Women's Network aims to support deprived and marginalised African women, children, and families as well as other ethnic minority women who are facing cultural isolation, inequality, loneliness, racial rejection, and poverty here in West Lothian.

The network also seeks to advance fair representation of women, educate, promote citizenship, community engagement, and support African women and their families living in West Lothian and Scotland at large. The network will also push for policies and processes that empower and support the development of women across the wider spectrum.

Celebrating and integrating the African Culture in Scotland - West Lothian project aims at building stronger relationship in our communities whilst promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. This planned event will bring to together people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who never had the opportunity to meet or interact even though living in the same community. It will also allow people to share and experience food, and music from other cultures, make new friends, help learning from each other and strengthen weak or broken relationships whilst promoting good citizenship and cohesion within our communities.  It is expected to last for 12 months and will include one of the large public outdoor events in September 2024 in Bathgate. This project also is considered as a vital community intervention to aid our community's healing and recovery process from the effects of the Covid pandemic in the last few years. We intend to deliver similar activities in future to keep our communities constantly evolving with more innovative and unifying events that bring hope and promote co-existence for all. It will benefit the West Lothian community including Black African and Minority Ethnic; the wider Scottish community; and the public at large.