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West Lothian Chinese Community Hub: Petit Asian Cooking Lessons - £5000

West Lothian Chinese Community Hub CIC (WLCCH) has been established to benefit the local Asian community, the wider West Lothian community as well as those people who have children with special needs.

The Chinese Hub aims to bring communities together culturally, raise awareness and celebrate differences to promote and improve community cohesion by introducing Asian language, culture and heritage.

The primary aim of the Asian Cooking Lessons is to raise awareness of Asian culture, specifically targeting non-Asian communities in West Lothian. By organising regular cooking lessons focused on Asian cuisine, we believe that this project can effectively showcase and celebrate the rich culinary heritage and traditions of Asia. This approach allows individuals from various backgrounds and cultures to come together, fostering understanding, appreciation, and respect for diversity. Each cooking lesson will be accompanied by an element of education and awareness raising. Our qualified chefs and instructors will guide participants through the preparation of delicious Asian dishes and provide insights into the cultural significance of the ingredients, cooking techniques, and the history behind them. This educational approach ensures that participants gain a deeper understanding of Asian culture and its unique contributions while developing their culinary skills. By introducing non-Asian communities to the diverse flavours and traditions of Asian cooking, we aim to bridge cultural gaps and strengthen the sense of belonging and inclusivity within West Lothian. The Asian Cooking Lessons provides an opportunity for individuals of different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups to interact, exchange ideas, and develop lasting friendships. The West Lothian Petit Asian Cooking Lessons will be introduced to the West Lothian communities in two types of lessons:

  1. Cooking Party: a three hours party session for a group of up to 5 people or 5 parent/child pairs.
  2. Cooking Lessons: a one-hour lesson for a group up to 6 people or 6 parent/child pairs.