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Foreign Communities of Alba Association: West Lothian Cultural Harmony Festival - £5000

The Foreign Communities of Alba Association, trading as FCA Association, is a dynamic and inclusive charity that champions the transformative power of sports, recreation, integration, and the eradication of social isolation.

What began as a modest football group has blossomed into a thriving community that brings people together, fosters lasting friendships, and enriches the lives of its members. With its extensive range of activities and ambitious plans for the future, FCA Association is poised to continue its profound and positive impact on the lives of those it serves 

The "West Lothian Cultural Harmony Festival" is a vibrant and inclusive initiative designed to celebrate diversity, foster unity, and promote positive relations among individuals, groups,

and communities in West Lothian. The festival will take place over a number of different locations across West Lothian and will include a range of events and activities such as interactive workshops, food stalls showcasing diverse cuisines, exhibitions, panel discussions and children's activities. The project is designed to promote positive relations, enhance community cohesion, and celebrate diversity. It will promote diverse cultural communities across West Lothian, with a particular focus on promoting and celebrating the Polish community. The wider West Lothian community will benefit from the festival by gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural richness within their region. This awareness will contribute to building a more inclusive and harmonious community for all. The festival's inclusive approach ensures that individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their protected characteristics, have the opportunity to participate and engage in meaningful ways.