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Spark Digital Champion Programme - £4989

Spark is 40 years old this year and provides support and activity to combat social isolation and loneliness, ensuring our community is a diverse and inclusive place.

Spark brings people together to meet, make new friends and share and learn new skills and experience, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or other personal circumstance. Our vision is that everyone in the community feels valued and has the chance to spark their potential. We celebrate our differences by creating opportunities to bring different aspects of our community together to share experiences.

The Digital Champion Programme is an intergenerational initiative designed to bridge the digital divide and raise awareness of the challenges faced by older people, by providing education and support from young people to the older generation. This programme aims to empower seniors with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital world, enhance their quality of life, build trust in their online activities, strengthen social connections, and provide access to critical online services. These are things most of us take for granted. The Digital Champion Programme is a community-driven initiative that pairs tech-savvy volunteers with older adults to provide personalised digital literacy training. The programme offers various workshops, one-on-one training sessions, and ongoing support to help seniors become confident and proficient in using digital devices and the internet. The Digital Champion Programme plays a crucial role in addressing digital exclusion among older adults, thereby enhancing their quality of life and promoting social inclusion through the intergenerational aspect of the project, while also educating younger people of the challenges and discrimination faced by older learners and members of the community.