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Becoming a Member of the West Lothian Access Forum

West Lothian Council are seeking new members to their Local Access Forum.

West Lothian are always looking to extend participation on the Forum and we are actively looking to appoint Correspondent Members who will receive the papers but will only attend Forum meetings when invited on matters within the particular interest and knowledge of the Corresponding Member. 

If you are interested in become a member of the West Lothian Local Access Forum in either capacity can you please take time to read the Application Pack Guidance [296KB] and complete the Application Form.

If you are appointed as a Correspondent Member there will likely be opportunities to become a Full Member in the future.

Apply to become a member of the West Lothian Access Forum

West Lothian Council has a statutory duty to establish and maintain a Local Access Forum in its area.

The Local Access Forum is an advisory body to the Council in its role as the Access Authority in terms of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

The Local Access Forum plays an important consultative role on access related matters within the West Lothian council areas.

These will include consultations on:

  • The Council's Access Strategy/ies
  • Any proposals to develop or to amend the Core Path Plan following a review under s20 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Applications to exempt land from access rights under s11 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Any proposal to make byelaws in respect of land over which access rights are exercisable under s12 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Application of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
  • Any matters having to do with the exercise of access rights and the existence and delineation of any rights of way
  • Developing local advice for the public and land managers on their responsibilities under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
  • The promotion of responsible behaviour by the public and land managers (e.g. by advising on the development of local outdoor codes, publicity, education, interpretation)
  • To offer advice to help resolve disputes, where this is requested, in relation to the exercise of access rights, the existence of any right of way, the Core Path Plan or the use of any core path

The Forum will have about 8 members, representative of the groups detailed below plus Council member appointees.

Appointments will last for a maximum of 3 years with retirement by rotation but members can, if desired, stand for re-appointment.

Non-Council appointed members will be expected to fall into one of 3 groups:

  • Land Owners or Land Managers - e.g. Estate Owners, Farmers, Smallholders, Foresters
  • Access Users - e.g. Walkers, Cyclists, Horse Riders, Canoeists, Swimmers
  • Community Groups - e.g. Community Councils, Environmental Organisations, Local Path Development Groups, Volunteer Groups

Members should ideally be resident (or represent bodies active) in the area which they seek to represent and have a good familiarity with its geography and traditions. They may already be involved with path development or management of the access resource.

Prospective Members should state which group they wish to represent and must have the endorsement from an office bearer of a body or organisation of which they are a member and which supports their appointment.

There will be about 3 meetings each year, some of which will be by TEAMS.

Prospective members should provide as much relevant information as possible of the skills and experience they have to offer the Local Access Forum in the application form