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'Comfy Spaces' - Youth Action Project

Comfy Spaces is a project aimed at young people aged between 10 and 21 years and their parents, grandparents and/or carers that live in the Blackburn area. The project aims to provide a safe place where local people can go to discuss their worries and concerns, get support, advice and information, where they will be listened to sympathetically and without being judged and where they can go to take part in relaxing activities, wellbeing sessions and holistic therapies.

Individuals will have time to reflect and to chat to others and give and get friendly support.

The programme will benefit participants in a number of ways;

  • Participants will have the opportunity to get out of the house and meet people in a friendly and safe environment,
  • It will enable them to interact with people, many in similar circumstances, reducing their social isolation and provide companionship
  • Participants will be able to discuss and share their experiences, their worries and concerns which will help to reduce their stress and anxiety and benefit their overall mental health
  • They will have access to much needed advice, information and support, enabling them to better deal with and manage their worries and concerns
  • Residents will be able to participate in relaxing activities that will benefit both their physical and mental health
  • Support

Comfy Spaces will take place in the Blackburn Partnership Centre and is open to all Blackburn residents aged 10 years and above. There is no need for a referral and no assessment will be conducted.

Amount: £5000