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Entertainment Sessions - Blackburn Galaday

Entertainment Sessions is a programme of three social events that will take place over twelve months in the Blackburn Partnership Centre. The programme is aimed at older members of the Blackburn community who live on their own, that suffer from the effects of social isolation, and, experience food poverty. The events will each cater for up to 50 local residents.

The sessions will be themed;

  • Session 1: Song and a Supper - live music with a 'supper' from the local chip shop .
  • Session 2: Afternoon Toe Tapping Tea -  live entertainment with Afternoon Tea with added homemade soup for a 'full meal' affect.
  • Session 3: Burns Supper - for the last session we will host a Burns Supper with live Scottish Themed entertainment.

The programme will benefit participants in a number of ways;

  • Participants will have the opportunity to get out of their house and meet old, and make new friends, in a friendly and safe environment
  • The events will help to reduce participants social isolation and provide much needed companionship
  • Participants will receive a good hearty meal
  • Participants will be able to listen to and share in the enjoyment of live entertainment

The events will take place in the Blackburn Partnership Centre.

Amount: £1800