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Kit and things - Blackburn Bulldogs

Blackburn Bulldogs is a basketball /sports club aimed at young people aged 11 to 21 years which enables them to take part in physical activities that benefit both their physical and mental health. The club would like to raise funds to pay for strips and track suits for all new members to promote equality and inclusion and ensure each new member feels a part of the team. The club want to be able to provide their members with a good nutritional meal when they attend training and as they now take part in competitions, pay for transport to take them to their games.

The club is supported by Community Action Blackburn. Since it started over 70 young people have engaged with the club and up to 26 young people from Blackburn regularly participate in training and playing sports. The project will benefit participants in the club in a number of ways;

  • By encouraging participation in physical activity and providing a healthy meal the project will benefit participants overall physical and mental wellbeing
  • It will benefit young people's self-confidence, self-esteem and have a positive affect on their behaviour
  • The project will help to develop the young people's social skills as they train and play in a group setting
  • The club is free and inclusive so it will encourage more young people to attend and take part in sports that otherwise might not be able to do so

The activities take place in the Blackburn Partnership Centre.

Amount: £4,400