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Glass Recycling

The roll out of a new colour separated glass recycling scheme throughout West Lothian is now underway. You can find details of your nearest glass recycling point below.

Glass Recycling

West Lothian Council has increased the number of glass recycling bins in the area since receiving £435,000 of grant funding from Zero Waste Scotland. The funding increased the number of glass locations for public glass recycling banks from 36 to 200. 

This new collection system ensures that West Lothian Council complies with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012, which require the collection of glass from householders.


In addition, the council has also introduced new housings which encase the bin, helping to reduce noise and enabling collection via our split compartment vehicle, which greatly speeds up the collection time. The use of the housings does not change the way residents deposit recyclables, but through the expansion project, accessibility will be improved for all. 

Please remember to consider those living nearby our glass banks and dispose of your glass responsibly and with due consideration.

Glass Recycling Points

Loganlea Miners EH55 8HN
Mooreland GardensEH55 8JA
Almondvale (Livingston)
Xcite -BubblesEH54 6QT
Scotrail ArmadaleEH48 3LP
Corner shop (St Pauls Drive)EH48 2LP
Sibbalds View, Industrial EstateEH48 2TG
Spare Ground (Drove Road)EH48 3NZ
Ballencrieff Toll (Linlithgow)
Car Park Hilltop ViewEH48 4LD
TescoEH48 2ES
Bathgate MarketEH48 1HE
Whitehill HouseEH48 2HA
Xcite BathgateEH48 4LA
Golf ClubEH48 1BA
Meadow Park Car ParkEH48 2AB
Gideon Street Car ParkEH48 4HD
Monkland Road ShopEH48 2BQ
Hopetoun Lane Car ParkEH48 1PP
Glenmavis TavernEH48 4HB
Easter Inch Industrial EstateEH48 2FG
British Legion Car ParkEH48 4JS
Newlands Court LaybyEH48 2GD
Beecraigs Country Park
Beecraigs Visitor CentreEH49 6PL
Beecraigs Caravan Park (2 sites)EH49 6PL
Calder RoadEH54 9AA
Blackburn CRCEH47 7QU
Junior Football ParkEH47 7QJ
Bowling Club (Bathgate Road)EH47 7LN
The Mall (front)EH47 7LQ
The Mall (rear)EH47 7LQ
Family Centre (Hopefield Road)EH47 7HT
Layby (Ash Grove)EH47 7QY
Blackburn MasonicEH47 7LW
Car Park, Redhouse PlaceEH47 7QB
Car Park Health CentreEH48 3SS
Bedlormie DriveEH48 3RU
Sibbalds Training, Shonas WayEH48 3BN
Top Shop ( Marina Road)EH48 1SZ
Car Park (rear of Pentland Avenue)EH48 1HR
Community CentreEH55 8LJ
Community CentreEH48 3DL
Bridgend Community Centre - Auldhill RoadEH49 6PE
Bridgend Golf ClubEH49 6NW
Xcite BroxburnEH52 5EL
Roman CampsEH52 5PJ
Strathbrock CentreEH52 5LH
Bowling Club (Stankards Road)EH52 5RG
Broxburn CRCEH52 6PG
Bowling Club (Albyn Place)EH52 6PH
The Buchan HotelEH52 5RS
Almondell Country ParkEH52 5PE
Car Park off A89EH52
Church StreetEH52 5RJ
Park Terrace, Industrial Units Car ParkEH52 6EE
Goschen, Holmes RoadEH52 5JF
Greendykes Industrial Estate, Greendykes RoadEH52 6PG
Aitken Orr DriveEH52 5EZ
MorrisonsEH54 8QN
Xcite CraigswoodEH54 5ER
Car Park, The Mall (Adelaide Street)EH54 5DZ
Stirrup Stane Car Park (Willow Grove)EH54 5LE
Almond South RoadEH54 5NH
Bowling ClubEH54 8BE
Nether Dechmont Comm CentreEH54 8AX
Hardie RoadEH54 8BA
Main StreetEH52 6LA
Bangour LaybyEH52 6LL
SPAR Car ParkEH54 5DG
Nigel Rise Car ParkEH54 6QQ
Douglas Rise Car ParkEH54 6JH
East Calder
Oakbank Bowling ClubEH53 0BT
Xcite East CalderEH53 0JN
Car Park off A71EH53 0JS
East Whitburn
Community CentreEH47 8EX
Drum PlaceEH47 0JH
Jackson Place (Local Shop)EH54 6RH
Eliburn Park Car ParkEH547 EE
Chapel Car ParkEH47 9BJ
Eastfield Training CentreEH47 9LE
Scot Rail FauldhouseEH47 9DJ
Cricket ClubEH47 9LF
Walker RoadEH47 9DB
Polkemmet Road                                                                                                                                    ML7 5RE                                
Houston Industrial Estate (Livingston)
Independent Car Garage - Merc & BMWEH54 5DE
Nettlehill RoadEH54 5DL
Howden Centre (Rear)EH54 6AE
Kingsport Avenue Car ParkEH54 6BA
Park and Ride (Houston East Road)EH54 6BG
Indoor Bowling ClubEH54 6WF
Civic CentreEH54  6FF
Livingston StadiumEH54 7DN
Cameron Way (Harvester)EH54 8HF
Ferguson Way (Comm Centre) EH54 8JE
Park and RideEH54 8HF
Park and Ride (Ladywell East Road)EH54 6HA
Fernbank PharmacyEH54 6DT
Newyearfield Car ParkEH54 6AB
Xcite LinlithgowEH49 6SQ
Linlithgow CRCEH49 6EP
Rugby Club Car ParkEH49 6DB
Springfield ShopsEH49 7TQ
St Ninians WayEH49 7BU
Avon Mill Industrial EstateEH49 7QY
SainsburyEH54 6RQ
Oakbank CRCEH53 0TH
Deans CRCEH54 8AY
Murieston Train StationEH54 9AP
Heritage CentreEH54 7AR
Scotrail Livi NorthEH54 7EE
Rugby ClubEH54 5NP
Layby Gregory RoadEH54 7DQ
Car Park EQHQ, Howden South RoadEH54 6NB
Livingston Stadium 2, Alderstone RoadEH54 7DN
Eliburn School Road, School House RoadEH54 8SE
Oakbank Industrial Estate, Oakbank Park RoadEH53 0TJ
Rankine SquareEH54 8SL
Macintosh Road (SKY)EH54 7BW
Lister Road DepotEH54 7BL
Livingston Village
Livingston InnEH54 7AF
Kirkton Training Centre, Kirk LaneEH54 7HY
Community CentreEH47 8AG
Mid Calder
Almondell Country ParkEH52 5PE
Bankton Mains Bowling ClubEH54 9LE
Footpath (Livingston Cricket Club)EH54 9HB
Car Park (Murieston Road)EH54 9AW
Community CentreEH52 6QG
Philpstoun Community CentreEH49 6RA
Football Park Car ParkEH55 8SQ
Heatherwood ParkEH53 0PH
Beech PlaceEH47 7BJ
Ash Car Park at Ritchie YardEH47 7AP
Community CentreEH47 8BY
Industrial Units Car ParkEH47 8BA
St Johns Lodge, Main StreetEH47 8BY
Burnlea PlaceEH47 8DN
The Ewington HotelEH47 8BT
Stoneyburn Bowling ClubEH47 8AU
Community CentreEH48 4LZ
Torphichen InnEH48 4LY
Community CentreEH52 6BN
Bowling Club (Stankards Road)EH52 5DH
Wyndford PlaceEH52 6DW
Wyndford AvenueEH52 6TH
Dargai PlaceEH52 6TG
Uphall Station
Marrfield TerraceEH54 5PX
Cawburn InnEH53 0PD
West Calder
Dickson StreetEH55 8DY
West Calder Juniors ParkEH55 8AT  
Harburn DriveEH55 8AN


Car Park (Armadale Road)EH47 0RQ
Courtyard of Shops (East Main St)EH47 0RD
Blaeberryhill InnEH47 8EY
Whitburn CRCEH47 0LQ
Armadale Road Car ParkEH47 0EU
Layby on A706EH47 8JQ
Layby on B7066EH47 0LE
Shops West Main StreetEH47 0LP
Polkemmet Country ParkEH47 0AD
Boghead Roundabout LaybyEH48 2EA
Raeburn Crescent (Ash Car Park)EH47 8HQ
Tally Ho HotelEH52 6TP
Community CentreEH52 6RW