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Inclusion and Wellbeing Service

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service (IWS) supports schools in improving the delivery of education provision, learning experiences and opportunities for children and young people with additional support needs across the curriculum in every educational context and setting, enabling all pupils to achieve at their highest potential.

Collaborative planning with multi-agency partners is a key focus throughout the service's strategic and operational activities with the Getting It Right for Every Child agenda underpinning all partnership working.

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service's vision is the achievement of long term sustainable quality educational provision for all West Lothian's children and young people which is sufficiently inclusive to remove barriers to participation, learning and achievement, and to promote equality. This is achieved by:

  • Placing the needs of children and young people at the centre of service delivery
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to participation, learning and achievement
  • Working collaboratively with partners
  • Building capacity at individual and systemic levels, and
  • Operating within a context of continuous improvement.


Early Intervention, Connolly Campus and Skills Centre.