Additional Support for Learning

West Lothian Council will meet the needs of all children and young people.

Support may be provided in a mainstream school or in specialist provision, depending on the needs of the child. If you think your child has additional support needs, you should contact your child's school for further information about the support available.

Enquire - the Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning

Operated by Children in Scotland, Enquire offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning through:

Enquire online will also provide a range of clear and easy-to-read guides and factsheets explaining everything from 'additional support in the early years' to 'what planning should take place for moving on from school'.

The Parents' Guide to Additional Support for Learning is now available to download.

Schools - Supervised Medication

Most pupils will at some time have a medical condition that may affect their participation in school activities. For many this will be short-term; perhaps finishing prescribed medication even though the child's doctor regards the child as fit to attend school. Others have medical conditions which, without help, could limit their access to education. Most are able to attend school regularly and, with some support from the school, take part in most normal school activities. However, school staff may need to take extra care in supervising some activities to make sure that these pupils, and others, are not put at risk.

Parents have prime responsibility for their child's health and should provide schools with information about their child's medical condition. Parents and pupils may give details in conjunction with their GP or pediatrician. Specialist voluntary bodies, e.g., the National Asthma Campaign, can also provide background information for school staff.

An overview of the Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) management system is as follows:

  • Pupil presents with medical needs
  • School Health Service (SHS) briefs staff on implications of condition, especially of volunteering to assist with medication if staff volunteer, training is arranged
  • IHCP is drawn up reflecting voluntary involvement or non-involvement of staff IHCP will specify alternative arrangements if staff are not involved

In this way, the school, parents and the pupil all know the limits of the assistance available.

No IHCP is required where a pupil with medical needs self-administers medication.

Schools - Language and Cultural Support

West Lothian schools teach English and Modern Languages.   Support is available for pupils for whom English is a second language.

Additional Support is available for children with specific speech and language needs.

Mediation support services are available to families with children who have additional learning needs.
The Educational Psychology Service works to improve the wellbeing and educational outcomes of all children and young people in West Lothian through the application of psychology in practice.
The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service (IWS) supports schools in improving the delivery of education provision, learning experiences and opportunities for children and young people with additional support needs across the curriculum in every educational context and setting, enabling all pupils to achieve at their highest potential.