Gala and Other Events, Applications and Funding: Information and Advice

The Regeneration Team have responsibility for the management and payment of the Gala Committee and Other Events Fund and the management and updating of the Gala and Other Events, Applications and Funding: Information and Advice page.


- The Gala grant fund for 2019/20 is now closed, with 29 groups supported. 


Each year the Council Executive provides funding to assist organisations across West Lothian to hold a gala or event. This fund is called the Gala Committee and Other Event Fund. In 2018/19 the fund was £53,647 and 38 organisations received funding as a contribution towards the cost of their gala or event.

The Gala Committee and Other Event Fund is managed as set out in the Gala and Other Events Grant Scheme 2009 (as revised 2015). 

Licence and Notification Timescales

There has been some confusion about the timescales within which gala and other groups should apply for licences, permissions and make notifications. This information is available in the Gala and Other Events Guide and on the Licence, Permits and Permissions web page. Both are located on the right of the web page at "Related Documents" and Related Pages" respectively.

Licence and Notification Timescales

Licence/Notification TypeTimescale (Days)
Public Entertainment 35
Street Traders 35
Market Operators35
Late Night Catering 28
Occasional Drinks35
Firework Display35
Firework Dispensation42 (6 weeks)
Charitable Collections35

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for funding from the Gala Committee and Other Event Fund if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a constituted group with a chairperson, treasurer and secretary: and
  • Your group has a link with a town, village or locality in West Lothian: or
  • Your group is set up specifically for, or has provision in its constitution, to provide an event for the benefit of the local community. 
  • Your organisation has a bank account in the name of the organisation

How do you apply?

  • If you are looking to apply for funding to hold a gala. You can download and complete an application form here.Icon for word Gala Fund Application Form [231.85KB]
  • To apply for funding for a Small scale event please download and complete this form Icon for word Events Application form [266.85KB]
  • New gala committees or community groups will need to be added to the council's payment system, PECOS. If you need to added to the system an SF01 form will be sent with your offer letter.

Failure to complete and provide this documentation will result in delay in the time it takes to process your application.

New: Gala and Other Event Guide

Organising and managing a gala or other event is not just about funding; it can be a difficult and time consuming task. To make your job easier, staff at Community Regeneration have produced an event guide. The guide has been designed for use by both experienced and new gala committees and community groups.

The event guide will assist new gala committees or community groups to navigate their journey, from their first meeting, to cleaning up their site at the close of their first successful gala or other event and, it can be used as a quick reference tool by more experienced committees. You can find a copy of the Event Guide here Icon for pdf Events Guide for Gala and Other Community Groups [198.99KB] We hope you will find it useful.

In addition to Funding and SFO1 application forms, and depending on the type of event you want to put on, you might need to complete other application forms. You will find these referenced and available using the links in the guide or in the Related Documents box on the right hand side of this page.

Gala Insurance

Your gala or other event needs to be insured. Ordinarily your event will be covered by the council's public Liability Insurance. To ensure that you are eligible, and covered by the council's policy, you need to read and complete a Gala Insurance Proposal Form. Please ensure that you read the notes, they are not long and they are important. For further information and/or advice you can contact Insurance Services on 01506 281901 /2 /3 or at R&

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive have developed and published a guide for voluntary groups that put on public events i.e. galas. It is called "Guidance On Running Events Safely" and you can open it here 

Emergency Services

For the purposes of Health and Safety you must consult with and inform the emergency services that you are holding either a gala or other event. You must also provide first aid cover for your event, no matter how large or small. For your convenience I have attached the links to the various emergency service and first aid web sites below.

Information, Advice and Promotion

For further information and advice and, to promote your gala event, see the links in the Related Pages box on this page.

For funding enquiries please contact Douglas Grierson on 01506-281101 or e-mail 

For Events related queries please contact Amanda Lamb on 01506 283285 or e-mail

Application forms and Gala and Events Grants Scheme 2009 (Revised 2015) can be found in the related documents box on this page.