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Our Service Standards

Our service standards set out what our customers should expect from the Advice Shop.

The Advice Shop are always looking to improve their service if you have used the advice shop, please take a couple of minutes to complete our customer feedback questionnaire as your feedback is important to us.

  • We will treat our customers with dignity, respect and courtesy

  • We will not let you wait more than 60 minutes to be seen face to face by an advisor.

  • We will ensure that you are greeted by a helpful, friendly advisor who will give you their name.

  • We will assess your enquiry and provide accurate and impartial advice regarding your options.

  • We will aim to give you appropriate advice based on the information you provide at the first point of contact.

  • We will return your telephone messages and answer written or email correspondence within 2 working days.

  • We will clearly advise you of what will happen at the next stage of your enquiry and any action to be taken by both advisor and customer.

  • We will keep you up to date on the progress of your enquiry.

  • If we are unable to get in touch with you following your enquiry, we will make 3 attempts to contact you before closing your case.

  • We hope that you will let us know the outcome of your enquiry, if not we will aim to contact you to discuss the result and to offer appropriate follow up advice.