All About Short Courses

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All about short courses

Adult Learning run a number of short courses throughout the year to help with all sorts of everyday learning.

Need help with your driving theory test? Would you like to work on your numbers and learn how to cook healthy meals at the same time?

Or perhaps you want to do a course that will help you get more for your money? Whatever your interest, Adult Learning has courses to help.

To find out more about our current short courses, click on the links below. Or contact us directly by phone or email if you have any enquiries.

"I have gained a lot of confidence since starting this course"

An image relating to Cash Confident
This financial literacy course looks at shopping and saving money in your local area.
Driving Ahead is a short course for people who want to know more about the driving theory test. The course covers road signs, road markings, speed limits and stopping distances, the hazard perception test and more.
An image relating to More For Less
Get the most out of your money! This financial literacy course will help you to save energy and cash, has tips to help you to reduce waste, and gives you the chance to re-use your packaging by getting crafty. A fun and creative way to get more for less.
An image relating to Playlab
Playlab is the perfect way to encourage your children to learn. The course helps parents to explore fun ways to play games with their children and to get involved in their learning. Come along and invent your own games and activities to use in the house or out and about!
This health and well-being course helps you to plan a healthier lifestyle, by looking at health and well-being information, trying out different health activities and by using apps.