Mortgage to Rent/Shared Equity Schemes

The Scottish Government's National Mortgage to Rent Scheme may be able to help you if you are an owner occupier in mortgage difficulties and you are in danger of having your home repossessed.

They can arrange for a social landlord such as a housing association or local authority to buy your home and for you to continue to live there as a tenant. 

Before applying you must obtain advice about your financial situation. Details of sources of advice and more information about the scheme are available in a leaflet from Scottish Government website or by e-mailing

Alternatively, you can call on 0845 279 9999 or write to: Mortgage to Rent, The Scottish Government, Highlander House, 58 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA

Mortgage to Shared Equity Scheme
Application Process
Buying Ex-Council Properties - Open Market Acquisition Scheme (OMAS).