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Please note:  Due to COVID 19, there remains no public entry to any West Lothian library except pre-booked Click/Phone & Collect or Returns appointments - Please check Your Library for individual business hours.  Public Access PCs, Photocopying and Printing services remain unavailable at this time.



Accessing your library account

You can access your library account to search our online library catalogue, reserve items and review or renew your loans here

  • Select the Log in or My Account tab at the top of the online catalogue home page and enter your library barcode number and PIN in the pop-up box that appears, then select log in. If you have forgotten your PIN and have a valid email recorded on your library account you can request a reminder by clicking the red Forgot my PIN text.  If you don't have a library account you can start your application online by clicking the green Register here text in this pop-up box.

  • Alternatively, you can use the BookMyne app on your mobile device (the Bookmyne App must be downloaded to your device if you wish to use this service). 

  • Borrowed items may be renewed up to 3 times online unless reserved by another borrower (not DVDs).  If you require your loan to be extended further please contact your local library or email

  • During COVID 19 restrictions West Lothian Libraries are operating Icon for pdf Click and Collect [712.51KB] and Icon for pdf Phone and Collect [153.01KB] services to allow customers access to the library borrowing service at all public libraries across West Lothian.  Please check here for individual library information and instructions.

  • If you only wish to return items, please read our Icon for pdf appointment booking instructions [281.14KB] prior to booking an appointment using our appointment booking system.

If you require further assistance accessing or navigating your library account please email or contact your local library

e-Books and e-Talking Books

You can search for and download eBooks and eTalking Books to your smartphone, tablet or PC using West Lothian libraries - BorrowBox.  Further details on how to search for eBooks and eTalking Books can be found on pages 13-16 of Icon for pdf BorrowBox user guide [9.12MB].  Please visit our Digital library web pages for more information on the range of digital resources available.

Newspaper Index

The Local Newspaper Index is also available on the online catalogue, with short extracts from thousands of articles from local newspapers such as West Lothian Courier and Linlithgow Gazette. To see the full articles, please visit the Local History Library in Linlithgow.

If you experience any difficulties logging into your library account please contact providing your library membership number and/or your full name, address including postcode and date of birth.