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Recruitment and Selection Forms

Forms to be completed for vacancy advertising and appointment

Below you will find forms to be used in the recruitment and selection process.

Effective from 30 October 2023, EMT have re-introduced recruitment controls.  Unless the post you are advertising is on the exemption list [166KB] approved by EMT, then prior to submitting your post to HR for advertising you will need EMT to sign the vacancy authorisation form.  EMT will review these forms on a weekly basis and notify the appropriate Heads of Service of their decision.  Thereafter the completed recruitment paperwork as noted below, should be forwarded to HR for processing. 

Where the post is exempt, Head of Services can continue to recruit to these posts without the need of EMT approval.  Recruiting managers however must include that this is an exempt post on the vacancy authorisation form when submitting to HR for processing. 

All vacancies will go live within 5 working days of completed paperwork being received at HR.  In order for the 5 day service level agreement to be achieved, all recruitment requests received by HR must include the following:  

  • vacancy authorisation form signed by Head of Service and EMT
  • or vacancy authorisation form signed by Head of Service only if exempt post
  • job advert
  • job outline and person specification
  • any other relevant information

Please note that without the completed and correct paperwork, recruitment requests will be rejected and you will be required to resubmit the full documentation once corrected.

Further information and guidance on the Recruitment & Selection Policy and Procedure can be found on Recruitment and Selection policy page

Vacancy Advertising

Please note that the vacancy authorisation form has been amended to reflect the requirement for all managers involved in the recruitment process to have completed the e-learning Recruitment & Selection module.  The officer who is responsible for completing/submitting the vacancy authorisation form must now sign the form to confirm that all managers who are to be involved in the recruitment process for that vacancy have completed the training in the last 2 years.  This must be done prior to the vacancy authorisation from being submitted to the relevant Head of Service for authorisation.  The recruitment and selection training is available on MyLearning (opens new window) and should take around 20-25 minutes to complete

Selection and Appointment

Agency Workers/Non-Employees

PVG Verification & Repayment

Please be aware that PVG rechecks are now being completed online.  If you have received an email requesting that you complete the PVG form and return to HR Support please still send the requested ID verification paperwork (and repayment schedule if applicable).  Once these have been received by HR Support you will be sent a link to complete your PVG application online