Local Review Body

If you're unhappy with the decision of the Appointed Person to refuse your application, or if you don't agree with some of the the conditions which are attached to your permission, you can request a review of the decision by the council's Local Review Body.

Local applications

If your local application has been refused, or it has not been determined within the specified statutory time period of two months, or you consider that conditions attached to your planning permission are unreasonable, you can seek a review by the Local Review Body. This applies to local applications which have been determined under delegated powers (decisions taken by the Head of Planning, Economic Development and Regeneration, not decisions taken by the Development Management Committee).

To seek a review by the Local Review Body, you must submit a Notice of Review, within three months of the date of the decision/lack of decision on your application, which sets out why you wish the case to be reviewed, and what procedure, or combination of procedures, that you wish to be used for the review.

The notice should be addressed to:

Local Review Body
Committee Services
West Lothian Civic Centre 
Howden South Road
West Lothian
EH54 6FF

or by email to committee services.

The Local Review Body consists of nine elected members of the council and meets every four weeks (this link takes you to an alphabetical list of all the council's committees where you will find the Local Review Body information, including records of decisions taken in past meetings). 


Major applications / committee decisions

If your application is a major application, or was determined by the Development Management Committee, you have the right of appeal to Scottish Ministers (DPEA). The Local Review Body does not deal with these applications.