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Customer Service Commitments

Housing, Customer and Building Services have Customer Service Commitments to ensure they perform well for their customers. It is important for us to know if customers think our commitments have been broken.

We monitor our performance against the customer service standards.  Reports of our customer survey, complaints and local monitoring of standards are presented to the Council's senior managers. HCBS submit an annual return on the  Scottish Social Housing Charter which includes measures against service standards. The Customer Service Commitments below are based on our 2021/22 performance;


We willHow we will do thatOutcome
Advise you how to make a complaint or appeal, and how long it will takeOn request and all written correspondenceStandard on all letters as per SPSO guidelines
Aim to resolve your complaint

Resolution within 5 working days for Stage 1

89.4%  Stage 1 complaints resolved within 5 working days

Aim to resolve your complaintResolution within 20 working days for Stage 288.9% Stage 2 complaints resolved within 20 working days
Our staff have the knowledge to deal with your enquiry themselves or put you in touch with someone who canAt time of request or inform you when we will get back to you  Survey result: 79%
Ensure all our advisors are friendly and helpfulWhen dealing with customers  Survey result: 82.2%
All our publicity and leaflets are approved by the Editorial Tenants PanelWhen required59 new/amended publications approved
Respond to your enquiry in a timely mannerWhen you visit one of our  Customer Information Service (CIS) offices

Survey result: 98.5% 

When you call us, if you are unable to get through you can leave a message and we will call you backWithin four hoursPerformance result: 89%
Keep you informed of progress of your enquiryWithin five working days  Survey result: 79%



We willHow we will do thatOutcome
Ensure you are treated fairlyAt all timesSurvey result: 78%



Access to Housing and Support

We willHow we will do thatOutcome
Interview you to assess your housing needs and identify and discuss all options and try to prevent you becoming homeless

Same day if roofless or within 5 working days if threatened with loss of existing home                                                                                      

Survey result: 69.51% rate the length of time to get an appointment as excellent/good

Provide out of hours emergency assistance, seven days a week

24 hours a day, seven days a weekSurvey result: 60% advised about the out of hours service

Use a private interview room when discussing anything personal or confidential with you.

When required or requestedSurvey result: 28.9% said it was offered

Advise you of our duty to provide interim accommodation while we fully investigate if you are homeless

During the interview and until a decision is madeSurvey result: 81.6% were advised of our duty
Advise you in writing of the outcome of your homeless interviewWithin 28 daysPerformance result: 66.33% were told within target time

Accompany you to view temporary accommodation

Within one working day of offer of temporary accommodationSurvey result: 58.58% would rate the service they received at the initial sign up as excellent or good

Discuss cost and responsibilities of storing furniture, if required

At sign-up interview

Survey Result:

35.5% yes 

30.3% no

34.2% not applicable


Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements

We willHow we will do thatOutcome
Offer you an appointmentAt the time of your requestPerformance result: 99.8% appointments kept
Complete the work within the promised timescaleTell you the target date for completing the work when you report the repairPerformance result: 96.3%

Aim to complete reactive repairs right first time

At the first visitPerformance result: 89.3%

Ensure the repair is completed to a good quality standard

When carrying out the repairSurvey result: 93.9%

Tidy up after completing the work

Before leaving your homeSurvey result: 100%
Ensure your home has a current Gas Safety Certificate if you have gas appliancesAnnuallyPerformance result: 99.9%


Rents and Service Charges

We willHow we will do thatOutcome

Provide services and accommodation that represent good value for money

At all timesSurvey result: 80.6%

Publish information on how your rent money is spent

AnnuallyPublished in Tenants News



We willHow we will do thatOutcome

Keep you informed about services and decisions through publications and tenant participation activities

At all timesSurvey result: 78%

Provide opportunities for you to participate in your landlords decision making processes.

Before making any changesSurvey result: 59.3%


Quality of Housing

We willHow we will do thatOutcome

Provide good quality homes that exceed the Scottish Housing Quality Standard

AnnuallyPerformance result: 89.8%
Make sure new tenants are satisfied with the standard of their homeAt the time of the accompanied viewing/and as part of the New Tenant Visit satisfaction surveySurvey result: 78%