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Water is essential to life, but too little, too much, poor quality or in the wrong place can be a problem. Find out here who to contact.

Burst or Leaking Pipes

Plumbing leaks are a regular problem in homes. They cause more problems when there is another home below. For more information, see Burst and Frozen Water Pipes. Environmental Health has legal powers to force entry (where necessary) into another premises where it appears to be the source of water affecting another property.

Flooding and Flood Prevention

Flooding problems have been increasing, due to changes in rainfall pattern, thought to be associated with Climate Change in West Lothian.

To report flooding problems and for information of how to prepare, please see Flooding or Drainage Issues.

Private water supplies

Some homes and businesses are supplied water from independent, private supplies.  Environmental Health regulates the quality and safety of these Private Water Supplies. It will take formal enforcement action where problems are serious or unresolved.

Septic tank problems

Some homes and businesses make their own arrangements for disposal of their waste water. This is often by a septic tank, which must be registered with SEPA (opens new window)

Environmental Health will take formal enforcement action where problems are serious or unresolved.

Aquatic cyanobacteria are known for their extensive and highly visible blooms that can form in both freshwater and seawater. The blooms can have the appearance of blue-green paint or scum, but can be other colours as well. These blooms can be toxic.
Most homes and businesses in West Lothian have a mains water supply provided by Scottish Water. Some homes further away from main towns and villages may have their own private water supply. These are subject to regulation by Environmental Health.
Linlithgow Loch is one of the jewels in West Lothian's crown. Owned by Historic Scotland it provides opportunities for walking, fishing, and water sports. It supports a wide variety of wildlife.
Find out about waste water pipes and who is responsible for fixing them