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Apply for early learning & childcare and school places

How to apply for early learning & childcare and school places in West Lothian through the Pupil Placement section.

Nursery or pre-school is now referred to as 'Early Learning & Childcare' and ELC is used to indicate this provision throughout the information below.

West Lothian Council provide education as the following :

  1. Early Learning & Childcare 2 year old provision
  2. Early Learning & Childcare 3 and 4 year old provision
  3. Early Learning & Childcare Additional Year (or deferral of P1)
  4. Primary School Places
  5. Secondary School Places

Applying for a Place 

The Pupil Placement section deals with all applications for ELC and deals with applications for the August primary one (P1) and secondary one (S1) intakes. 

Schools deal with applications for other stages and for P1 and S1 after the pupils start school. 

To apply for a school or ELC place you must complete an on-line application form.  If you are unable to complete an on-line application, paper versions of all application forms are available from schools, nursery schools, libraries, Council Information Service Offices and from the Pupil Placement Section.

Full details of the application process are set out in the Policy documents in Related Documents. Each Provision has:

  • application form(which requires to be completed and submitted),
  • Policy document (which explains the policy and process for that provision) a
  • Guidance notes (which lists establishments that provide this provision and contact details/times for them). 2 year old provisions guidance is in the form of a flowchart.

The Pupil Placement Section has a database with details of children under 19 living in West Lothian.  We get information from letters we send to households, from the Health Board when children are born, from application forms and from the schools databases.  If we have your child's details on our database we will write to you to ask you to apply for ELC, P1 and S1 at the appropriate times.