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Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition

In celebration of next year's Platinum Jubilee event which will mark Her Majesty The Queen's 70th year on the throne, local authorities across the United Kingdom are invited to take part in the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition (opens new window). This special competition will allow local authorities to submit an application for an area they wish to be considered for city status by the closing date of 8 December 2021, and the town of Livingston has been nominated by West Lothian Council.

With Livingston's 60-year anniversary of gaining a new town status approaching next year, this competition is a perfectly fitting way of demonstrating and emphasising Livingston's unique and distinct identity.

Livingston City Bid
Although one of the UK's youngest towns, Livingston is proud of its heritage and the community have come together to celebrate the town's important anniversaries from its 10th birthday in 1972 to more recently in 2012 when the town celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Next year, Livingston will celebrate both the town's Diamond Jubilee and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The gaining of city status would be the perfect way to mark both occasions and for the community to celebrate together once more.

From being a village, to a new town and centre of regional development, the next logical step for Livingston would be to gain city status. The original vision for Livingston was always the creation of a Garden City; city status would finally fulfil this vision.

Gaining City Status

Gaining city status for Livingston would positively boost Livingston economically, encouraging potential inward investment from companies wanting to expand their business. Within this economic boost, this would create potential employment opportunities for inhabitants of Livingston and further afield, reducing unemployment.

Livingston is already home to some of the most dynamic companies in the country. Companies such as Mitsubishi, Sky and Shin-Etsu Handotai are some examples of long-term, stable businesses which have remained in Livingston for around 30 or more years, when Livingston became known as the capital of  'Silicon Glen'. Gaining city status would encourage more investment from companies wanting to expand their business potentially resulting in more employment opportunities for inhabitants of Livingston and wider West Lothian.  

Community Engagement - Have Your Say

Community participation and involvement, including input from local elected members, local schools and West Lothian's Lord-Lieutenant will help to showcase the many strengths of Livingston in support of the application process.

Look out for more information provided on the council's social media pages on how you can get involved in support of Livingston's application which will follow over the coming weeks.

Please send any messages of support by email to'd also welcome any comments on:-

  • fond memories and/or pictures which captures what Livingston means to you
  • what you believe demonstrates Livingston's own distinct identify
  • examples of the collective welcoming community groups based in Livingston

All incorporated community feedback into the application will be done so anonymously and full details of how any information you provide will be used are provided within the below privacy notice.


The below eBrochure gives a snapshot of just some of the many reasons why Livingston is more than capable of achieving city status. This features key stakeholders of the Livingston area who are all in support of the city bid entry, and gives a glimpse of some of the main features which will be highlighted within the application.

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