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History and Heritage

West Lothian has a rich history and heritage.

A wide range of resources is held that will help you trace your family tree, and our books, photographs and old maps will help you fill in the background of your ancestors' lives in West Lothian.
West Lothian's past is still very much present all around us. Important historic sites like Cairnpapple and Linlithgow Palace, stately homes like Hopetoun and the Binns, and the many museums and heritage attractions all help to bring the past alive.
West Lothian Council Archives and Records Centre preserves and makes accessible records relating to the history of West Lothian.
West Lothian is home to many museums. Museums are educational, entertaining and inspirational.
Experience West Lothian's rich heritage by visiting some of its historic sites.
The Local History Library is based in Tam Dalyell House (formerly County Buildings) in Linlithgow High Street.
This is an overview of Heritage Services and includes a quick guides to Archives, Local History and Museums.
There are many ways to get involved with West Lothian Heritage Services.
West Lothian Council has an agreed protocol for dealing with requests for the naming or renaming of heritable council property, public spaces or any other places otherwise in the control of the council.