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Community Involvement

Involving local people in decisions that affect their lives is a key responsibility of the Community Planning Partnership.

Community Planning Partnership - Consultation and Engagement

By improving and embedding community engagement practice across the partnership we can ensure that our communities are genuinely engaged and empowered and can therefore be involved in decisions that affect their lives.  By achieving a common understanding of community engagement at all levels of the partnership, coordinating and consolidating community engagement activity, and ensuring that staff and community members have the right tools to undertake engagement that is appropriate and fit for purpose, we can help to achieve active and empowered communities.  We want to achieve better quality engagement that is effective and influential and informs decisions and service provision.  Improving community engagement, and the structures, processes and practices that help deliver it will ultimately result in improved outcomes for our communities.

Participation Requests are one part of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015