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Proposal to Establish a New Non‐Denominational Primary School at the Hawkhill Site, Winchburgh and Associated Proposals

West Lothian Council Education Executive agreed the proposal on 5 September 2023.


West Lothian Council's Education Executive at its meeting on 21 March 2023 authorised West Lothian Council's Education Services to commence statutory consultation on the proposals to (i) establish a new non‐denominational primary school at the Hawkhill Site, Winchburgh, (ii) establish a catchment area for the new school, (iii) review the non‐denominational primary school catchment area at Winchburgh Primary School.

Statutory Consultation

In terms of the Schools (Consultation)(Scotland) Act 2010 (the Act), any proposed changes to a school estate in this case creation of a new education establishment and review of admission arrangements arising from school catchment area variations, requires Statutory Public Consultation.

The Consultation involves all key stakeholders and statutory consultees as detailed in Schedule 2 of the Act, this includes parents/carers/children and staff of Winchburgh Primary School.

Consultation Paper

The consultation document outlining the proposal is available here:  Proposal to establish a new Primary School at Hawkhill [889KB]

Consultation Period

The consultation period is from Monday 24th April 2023 until Friday 9th June 2023. This timescale adhered to the statutory consultation period for such circumstances which is a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks and include at least 30 school days.

Report on the Consultation

The following reports detail the findings of the public consultation period including the report from Education Scotland -  

Final report on the consultation for a Primary School at Hawkhill site [1MB]

Education Scotland Report - Primary School at Hawkhill site [88KB]


West Lothian Council Education Executive agreed the proposal on 5th September 2023.  For more information see the Education executive report on WLC Coins: Coins Report - Item 7 - Hawkhill Site Non Denominational PS (opens new window)