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Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme - Scottish Government Housing Options information

Information on the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme

Welcome accommodation

If you need temporary accommodation when you first arrive in Scotland, you will be placed in a  hotel or similar accommodation for a short period of time.

This can be located anywhere across Scotland and the location might change during your stay. If  you need to move, we will let you know in advance and transport will be arranged.

We recommend finding a longer term place to live as soon as you can, whether on your own or  shared with others. This will help you settle and make space for other Ukrainians.

We encourage you to explore options such as renting your own property.  Alternatively you can be matched with a volunteer host for 6 - 12 months.

Renting a property

You have the right to rent your own property in Scotland from a private landlord.

We encourage you to look for properties across Scotland. Jobs, schools, and other services are  available throughout the country. In some smaller towns it can be easier to find schools and  cheaper accommodation

Changing address is possible, even if you have already started opening a bank account or  applied for benefits.

The Scottish Refugee Council can provide advice to help you. Call free on 0808 1967 274.  Further information on renting a property can be found on page 2.

Being matched with a volunteer host

This is likely to mean sharing the volunteer host's home with them. Hosts have agreed to  provide accommodation for 6 months, but some choose to do so for longer.

Given the very high demand for volunteer hosts, you should be ready to consider living  anywhere in Scotland.

Any offer will be discussed with you. If you decide it is not suitable, this could result in an  extended stay in temporary welcome accommodation which may involve moving around  Scotland.

Do you want to Rent your own home?

If you are able to privately rent please consider this option. By doing so, you will free up  accommodation for others who are unable to rent their own home.

Some benefits of private rental

You can choose where to live - properties are available across Scotland

  • Some properties are immediately available
  • You can search and review properties to suit your needs and circumstances
  • Properties can be rented furnished, unfurnished or partly furnished
  • You can consider rental costs across Scotland before making any decisions.

Renting Privately

If you think renting privately is for you, you may find it useful to contact Shelter Scotland,  Citizens Advice Scotland or a letting agent. They can help you:

  • Where to look
  • What is available in your preferred area
  • Deposits requirements
  • Ongoing monthly rental fees
  • Notice periods for renting
  • Council tax payments
  • There are strong protections for privately rented tenancies

Financial Assistance

If you are not working or on low income you may be able to get help from benefits to be able to  meet those costs.

Universal Credit has a housing element contained within it.

Any housing benefit will be limited to the Local Housing Allowance (opens new window) . You may also be able to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (opens new window)Council Tax (opens new window) is a local government charge on all domestic properties payable to the Local Council.

You will usually have to pay council tax if you're 18 or over and own or rent a home. Discount and exemption information (opens new window) is available.  For additional support, see Shelter Scotland (opens new window) or Citizen's Advice Scotland (opens new window)

Searching for properties

You may wish to search for Private Rental properties.

Rental Property websites

Here are some places to look.

There are many pages on Google for Private rentals

You can check your landlord is registered with the local council where the property is located.

Landlord registration helps councils ensure private landlords are suitable people to let out  property. The council will have to check that any landlord to be registered is a fit and proper  person to let property.

Please see below for information on rental costs published 2021 (subject to change).

Property Locations, Types and Costs


1 Bedroom  Properties  Per calendar  month

2 Bedroom  Properties  Per calendar  month

3 Bedroom  Properties  Per calendar  month

4 Bedroom  Properties  Per calendar  month

1 Bedroom  Shared  Properties  Per calendar  month

Aberdeen  City and













Dundee and  Angus






East Dunbarton












Greater Glasgow






Highlands and  Islands






Lothian  (including  Edinburgh)






Perth and  Kinross






West Lothian






Map of Scotland

Map of Scotland