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Linlithgow was the first town in West Lothian, and the fourth in Scotland to become a Fairtrade Town, achieving Fairtrade Town status on 28 January 2004

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Fairtrade in Linlithgow 

Fairtrade in Linlithgow was the result of 10 years' hard work by Linlithgow Oxfam Group, and others, to foster Fairtrade in the town, with craft fairs, coffee mornings, fashion shows, events in schools, as well as celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight each year.

Since 2004, Linlithgow's commitment to Fairtrade has gone from strength to strength. There have been chocolate tasting events, a jewellery bazaar, an Acoustic Café and fashion shows all to promote Fairtrade and demonstrate the huge range of goods on offer.  Fairtrade mango and herb growers have visited the town to tell us what an impact Fairtrade has made for them, and there have been numerous talks for schools and community groups.

Now, all the major supermarkets in the town and many of the cafés and restaurants sell Fairtrade goods.  Linlithgow even has its own High Street Fairtrade shop - Fair Tradewinds - which stocks a wide range of clothing, jewellery, gifts and other Fairtrade items which are not readily available elsewhere.

Most of the local schools and all of the churches are also accredited as Fairtrade Schools and Fairtrade Churches, and there are strong links between them and the town's Fairtrade steering group - the Linlithgow Fairtrade Partnership.

The Linlithgow Fairtrade Partnership is open to any local community group or individual who is interested in promoting Fairtrade.  The current membership includes Fair Tradewinds; Linlithgow Oxfam Group; St John's Evangelical Church; St. Michael's Parish Church; St. Michael's RC Church; St. Ninian's Craigmailen Church; St. Peter's Episcopal Church and West Lothian Council, as well as interested individuals.

If you or your organisation is interested in finding out more about the Partnership or Fairtrade in general, then please email us at linlithgowfairtrade@hotmail.com  or visit the Fairtrade website.

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