Community Justice - A new approach to making communities safer

Since 1st April 2017, West Lothian Community Planning Partnership (CPP) has been responsible for developing Community Justice in West Lothian. Following several years of discussion and planning, the Scottish Government and Scottish Community Planning Partnerships have now completed the launch of Community Justice as a new way forward for Scotland.

This is about delivering services for people who offend, and, even more importantly, also about widening our vision about ways to make our communities safer and more law-abiding places. The information below gives more detail on Community Justice and how it is being developed with the CPP in West Lothian.

In Autumn 2016, a number of West Lothian justice partners launched a survey to find out people's views about a range of issues relating to community justice.  This involved gathering the views of residents of West Lothian, including those who receive services and those who deliver services. The findings from this survey can be found in Icon for pdf Community Justice and Community Engagement in West Lothian [171.46KB].  This information will help to inform the development of future plans.

What is Community Justice?

There are several components to the concept of Community Justice. Reducing offending is very important in this, not just by helping people with convictions to change their behaviour, but by helping them to be (and to be treated by others as) ordinary members of the community.

However there is a broader agenda for Community Justice, which is about reducing crime and the harm it causes to individuals and communities. This is partly about helping communities develop knowledge, resilience and empathy in managing the behaviour and problems of their own residents. It is also about having the right things in place to divert towards more socially responsible activities those people who are at risk of behaving inappropriately or doing things that harm others.

Who is responsible for Community Justice?

What are the wider responsibilities of the Community Planning Partnership?

What are the benefits of partnership and community engagement?

How does the CPP tell people what it is doing?

How will CPPs support the development of Community Justice?

What will our Community Justice approach look like in practice?

What does 'working upstream' mean?

Who will be partners in carrying out this 'upstream working'?

What about the costs of this work?