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Registering a Still Birth

How to Register a Still Birth

Registering a Still-birth

It can be daunting to face having to register a still-birth. This information will help you though the process however if you would like to speak to someone personally please call 01506 281897 where a Registrar will be happy to guide and advise.

A child still-born in Scotland can be registered in any Scottish Registration Office. If the still-birth occurs elsewhere, it cannot be registered in Scotland, even if the mother normally resides in Scotland.

A still-birth should be registered within 21 days. In special circumstances a short postponement can be arranged by contacting the number above.  Circumstances would include illness of the mother.

Documents to be produced when registering a still-birth are:

  1. The certificate of still-birth (Form 6) will be issued by the doctor or midwife directly to the Registration Office of your choosing 
  2. The marriage certificate of the child's parents if married to each other

Persons who may register a still-birth:

The primary informant is always the mother (or father if parents married). In circumstances including the mother's death, continued illness or mother's inability to attend due to residing outside Scotland, then "secondary" informants would be able to register on the parent's behalf.

If parents married these include:

  • Any relative of either parent who has knowledge of the birth
  • The occupier of the premises where the child was born
  • Any person present at the birth
  • Any person who has charge of the child
  • The second female parent if they were civil partners when the child was conceived

If the parents were NOT married or in a Civil Partnership at the time of conception, the father/partner WILL NOT be able to register without being accompanied by the mother.