Climate change - what are we doing?

Reducing the carbon emissions from the council's own activities and services and contributing to the organisation being able to lead other partner organisations and businesses within West Lothian to achieve similar reductions.

As a public body, West Lothian Council has a duty to help achieve national climate change and sustainability targets set by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

Carbon Management Plan

In November 2015, Council Executive approved a new Icon for pdf West Lothian Council Climate Change Strategy 2015-2020 [586.74KB] and Icon for pdf West Lothian Council Carbon Management Plan 2015-20 [948.84KB] which set out the councils ambitions through to 2020/21, including setting out targets for reducing our carbon emissions and some of the actions required to achieve them.

For more information on reducing carbon emissions. View the council's previous Icon for pdf Carbon Management Plan (up to 2014) [2.45MB].

Renewable Energy Strategy

In addition to the Carbon Management Plan, the council published a Icon for pdf Renewable Energy Strategy [1.4MB]  in 2012 to identify where renewable technologies may be implemented across the council's assets.For more information about action on this front, visit the Renewables and Low Carbon Energy page.

The council reports annually to the Scottish Government on our work towards tackling climate change as part of our Public Bodies Duties. View our latest report for 2017/18 - Icon for pdf 2017/18 Climate Change Declaration Report [580.41KB].

For more information about what the council is doing to reduce its carbon footprint and save energy see the Energy and Sustainability and Action on Climate Change sections of the council's website.