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Important documents relating to food safety

Application form for registration of a food business
Are you Ready For Inspection Information Sheet FH18
Care of Live Shellfish in Shops and Caterers Information Leaflet FH28
Choosing Your Suppliers Information Sheet FH07
Defrosting Food Safely FH15
Dish Washers Information Sheet FH24
Doner Kebabs Information Sheet FH05
E. Coli Business Self Assessment FH29
Electronic Fly Killers Information Sheet FH08
Event Catering At Fetes, Gala Days, Fund Raisers Information Sheet FH11
Food Grade Lubricants Information Leaflet FH25
Food Hygiene Training Information Leaflet FH16
Guidance on Controlling Cross Contamination FH30
Hand Washing Information Sheet FH09
Hygienic Production, Storage and Service of Ice from Ice Making Machines Information Sheet FH02
Insect-proof Screening for Doors and Windows Information Sheet FH03
Kitchen Layout Planning Information Leaflet FH26
New Food Business Information Sheet FH19
Running A Food Business From Home Information Sheet FH14
Safe Preparation of Salads Information Sheet FH13
Safer Cooked Meat Production Guidelines Information Sheet FH01
Self Assessment Checklist Information Sheet FH22
Storage and Sale of Ice cream Information Sheet FH10
Street Trader Hygiene Standards 2010
Temperature Control and Monitoring Information Leaflet FH21
The use and care of Microwave Ovens Information Sheet FH12
Ventilation for Catering Premises Information Leaflet FH20
Waste Oil and Fat Information Leaflet FH27
Water Containers in Mobile Businesses Information Sheet FH04