44. Craigton Hill Quarry near Winchburgh

Craigton Hill Quarry near Winchburgh is adjacent to the M9 and exposes a 33 metre thick quartz-dolerite sill, the best example of its kind in West Lothian.

44 Craigton Hill Quarry near Winchburgh

A sill is a tabular sheet intrusion that was intruded between older rocks, often in layered sedimentary rocks. Quartz-dolerite is an intrusive rock, a variety of dolerite that contains small amounts of quartz. These sills are very common in central Scotland and have been widely quarried for roadstone.

Craigton Hill Quarry lies 2 kilometres north-west of Winchburgh, and the nearest public road is in Craigton. Please note that the site cannot be visited as the quarry is located in a private estate. Nearby geodiversity sites are Greendykes Bing (7), Union Canal in Winchburgh (12) and Midhope Burn (19).

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