43. Kildimmery Fishery Quarry

This quarry shows a good exposure of an east-west trending quartz-dolerite dyke, a type of igneous intrusion formed when magma rose along a nearly vertical crack through existing rocks about 305 million years ago.

43 Kildimmery Fishery Quarry

The dyke is quartz-dolerite, a variety of dolerite that contains small amounts of quartz. The dyke intrudes a volcanic vent of breccia (see site 35). Several of the hills nearby, such as Jock's Hill and Carsie Hill, are also landforms developed on vents. The Quarry was still being worked in the 1930's, but is currently used as a fishery due to flooding. The site is located to the east side of Linlithgow and can be accessed by a minor road which runs south off the B9080. Parking is available at the fishery during opening hours. The quarry face can be viewed from the floating trackway up the middle of the quarry. Nearby geodiversity sites are Union Canal Museum (22), Carsie Hill (35) and Linlithgow Loch (47).

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