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31. Carribber Glen on the River Avon, near Linlithgow

Carribber Glen in Muiravonside Country Park is cut through a quartz-dolerite sill, a variety of dolerite that contains small amounts of quartz.

31 Carribber Glen on the River Avon near Linlithgow

Limestone was formerly mined in several quarries south of the River Avon and the general area shows evidence of limestone workings. Carribber Glen is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as it is a good example of upland mixed ash woodland. It is in Muiravonside Country Park, in the south-east corner of Falkirk Council area, bordering West Lothian. Parking is available at the Country Park. Nearby geodiversity sites are Wallace's Arch (32) and Torphichen Hill (46).