30. Hillhouse Quarry and Mine within Beecraigs Country Park

There is evidence of both surface and underground workings of this thick and fossiliferous limestone within Beecraigs Country Park.

30 Hillhouse Quarry and Mine within Beecraigs Country Park

The Hillhouse Quarry and Mine site provides beautiful views to the north-east. The thick and fossiliferous Petershill Limestone dips to the west and has been followed by steep stoop-and-room workings, some of which have collapsed leading to subsidence in the nearby road. The limestone is 9 to 12m thick, the most complete section being exposed north of the road. The limestone is overlain by a sill of basalt with columnar jointing.

Hillhouse Quarry and Mine are within Beecraigs Country Park, three kilometres south of Linlithgow. When arriving at the site from Beecraigs Visitor Centre, walk northwards and turn left at the T-junction to find the site. It is not advisable to enter the mine workings, but you can view them from the adjacent paths. Nearby geodiversity sites are Hilderston Silver Mine (29), Carsie Hill (35), Cockleroy Hill (40) and Beecraigs Quarry (41).

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