25. Skolie Burn by Addiewell

The base of the sedimentary rocks has been baked by contact with the hot magma of an intrusive sill. Above this zone the layers of mudstone, sandstone and limestone are rich in fossils.

25 Skolie Burn by Addiewell

The Skolie Burn is a tributary of the Breich Water. It contains the best section of rocks from about 325 million years ago on the eastern side of the central coalfield of the Midland Valley. The section lies above an intrusive sill of a particular, magnesium-rich form of basalt called picrite. The sedimentary rocks just above the sill have been baked by contact with hot magma. The sequence is rich in fossils and includes layers of mudstone, with several beds of sandstone and at least three marine limestones.

This site is located is south of Stoneyburn, between Loganlea and Addiebrownhill, near to Addiewell Railway Station. There is on-road parking in Loganlea and Addiebrownhill housing schemes with tracks near to the burn, although it has steep sides and care should be taken. Nearby geodiversity sites are Five Sisters Shale Bings (5), Seafield Law (6), Almond Valley Heritage Centre (8), Tailend Moss (48) and Easter Inch Moss (50).

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