19. Midhope Burn, south west of Hopetoun House

Midhope Burn is situated to the south-west of Abercorn Point, close to Hopetoun House. The banks and nearby sites display a variety of geological exposures.

19 Midhope Burn south west of Hopetoun House

A small quarry beside a footpath exposes a sequence of siltstones and sandstones which become coarser towards the top. Farther downstream, shale can be seen beside the footpath about 30 metres upstream from a small bridge over the Burn. A small exposure of the shale can be seen beside the path on the south-east side of the Burn.

Please note that this site is on private land and visitors should contact the landowner. Nearby sites are Hopetoun Shore (17) and Abercorn Point (18).

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