13. Hopetoun Obelisk Quarry, Hopetoun Estate

Hopetoun Obelisk Quarry consists of two disused quarries which were worked to provide the building stone for Hopetoun House.

13 Hopetoun Obelisk Quarry Hopetoun Estate

In the south-west corner of the quarry there is a good face approximately 5 to 6 metres high. This displays grey to brown fine grained sandstone, with intervening beds of even finer grained sandstone and laminated carbonaceous siltstone. The largest worked face can be seen at the north-east corner, but the most visible face is in the north-west corner beside some small stables.

Hopetoun Obelisk Quarry is located near to South Queensferry in close proximity to Hopetoun House. NB: Access to the Quarry is restricted. Nearby geodiversity sites are Society East Shore, Society Point, Society Shore and Hopetoun Shore (14-17).

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