8. Almond Valley Heritage Centre in Livingston

Located in Livingston, this museum contains displays related to the heritage of shale mining and oil production in West Lothian, as well as a number of other interesting attractions.

8 Almond Valley Heritage Centre in Livingston

Almond Valley Heritage Centre focuses mainly on areas of the county that share a heritage of shale mining and oil production, but the museum's collecting policy also includes aspects of the social and industrial history of West Lothian. The geology, mining techniques and production methods of the oil are covered in the museum. In addition to this local role, the museum has a national remit to collect and archive material associated with the Scottish shale oil industry and its influence worldwide. This collection has been recognised by the Scottish Government as being of national importance.

The Heritage Centre is in a wooded riverside site that extends for nearly a mile along the River Almond, to the south of Livingston. Nearby sites are Seafield Law (6), Tailend Moss (48) and Easter Inch Moss (50).

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