6. Seafield Law, east of Easter Inch Moss, Blackburn

A former oil-shale bing that is part of a pleasant nature reserve between Seafield and Blackburn. Site has been re-profiled to replicate a crag and tail geomorphological feature.

6 Seafield Law-east of Easter Inch Moss Blackburn

Seafield Law consists of a former oil-shale bing and domestic rubbish tip that has been re-profiled to replicate one of the most distinctive geomorphological features in West Lothian - a crag and tail (see sites Carsie Hill, the Knock and Binny Craig). A creative land rehabilitation scheme during the 1990's saw the former Lothian Council and West Lothian Council, funded by the Scottish Development Agency, co-operate to transform an unattractive oil-shale bing into this impressive landmark. Seafield Law, together with Easter Inch Moss (site 50), was designated as West Lothian's first Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in 2007. This semi-natural expanse of former waste land, in association with the Moss is ideal for a range of leisure activities such as walking, running and cycling, with National Cycle route 75 traversing the area. The summit provides good views over the Reserve and surrounding countryside. The Law, along with Easter Inch Moss, is also a registered Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Seafield Law is located on the northern edge of Seafield village, just to the east of Blackburn. Nearby sites are Tailend Moss (48) and Easter Inch Moss (50).

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