3. Linhouse Water (above Edinburgh - Carstairs Rail line Viaduct)

Coarse grained sandstone and calcareous shale covered by lava flows are exposed south-east of Livingston, above the Edinburgh - Carstairs Viaduct.

3 Linhouse Water Above Edinburgh-Carstairs Rail line Viaduct

The Linhouse Water rises in the Pentland Hills and flows north, passing through the Crosswood Reservoir, to merge with the River Almond east of Livingston. A cliff section exposed alongside the river consists of medium and coarse grained pebbly sandstone and hard calcareous shale. These were laid down about 355 million years ago, and later covered by lava flows.

There is access to the site via a path under the A71, either from near Livingston South railway station or by parking at Oakbank opposite Calder Wood Country Park. Nearby sites are Murieston Water by Calderwood Country Park (9), Auchinoon Quarry (36) and two other geodiversity sites in Linhouse Water (37 and 45).

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