Primary & Secondary places

Primary 1 & Secondary 1 places from August 2020:‐

Forms to apply for:-

  1. 'Primary School' are available online - Primary School application forms

  2. 'Secondary School' are available online- Secondary School application form

August 2020 intake - The application process for P1 and S1 places from August 2020 has now passed the closing date of the 15 March 2020. 

Any further P1 or S1 applications or change requests for August 2020 - will be considered (but after the process for those received by the closing date has been completed). A decision letter will be issued within 2 months of receipt of application or change request.  Please note initial decisions may have filled all available places at your preferred choice of school.

All applications received by the 15 March 2020 were considered by the School Placement Panel when it met in March 2020. 

NON-OVERSUBSCRIBED SCHOOLS - letters were issued on the 23rd and 24th March 2020 via 2nd class post.


The Panel determined that the following schools are over subscribed:

SECONDARY SCHOOLS = Linlithgow Academy and ST Margaret's Academy.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS = Livingston Village PS, Peel PS, Harrysmuir PS, Kirknewton PS, Pumpherston & Uphall Station PS, Linlithgow Bridge PS, Simpson PS, St Anthony's PS and St John Ogilvie PS.

OVERSUBSCRIBED SCHOOLS - Approximately 200 applicants from the oversubscribed schools were issued letters 1st class on the 23rd and 24th March 2020 advising that their application will be decided at the 2nd meeting  and provided the opportunity to submit further information to support their application by the end of business on the 31 March 2020, which has now passed.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON DECISION LETTERS : The Scottish Government have now issued guidelines regarding the requirement (for those P1 and S1 applications received by 15 March 2020) of a decision letter being issued by the end of April 2020, and have extended this to the end of May 2020.  The School Placement Panel have carefully considered the guidelines and to allow the time to carefully consider all information that has been provided, the Panel have taken the decision that the P1 and S1 decisions letters will now be issued by the 31 May 2020.


Applications for any stage in primary/secondary school for 2019/2020 - Government decision to close nurseries/schools due to COVID 19- means that the normal process for applications or change requests for 2019/20 requires changing, as they are considered by the Head Teacher of the school.  So if you submit an on-line application to Pupil Placement for the current session, we will acknowledge and arrange for a decision to be made.

Applications for P2-P7 or S2-S6 in primary/secondary school to start in August 2020 -  If you wish to apply for a place in stages P2 - P7 or S2 - S6 from August 2020, please do not complete an application until June 2020, as schools are unable to hold a place for longer than 2 weeks, however we do not count school holidays in the 2 weeks, therefore a place allocated 2 weeks before the summer holidays can be held until the 1st day of term in August 2020.