Primary & Secondary places

Primary 1 & Secondary 1 places from August 2020:‐

Forms to apply for:-

  1. 'Primary School' are available online - Primary School application forms

  2. 'Secondary School' are available online- Secondary School application form

August 2020 intake - We have issued letters on Thursday 21 November 2019 to the parents/carers of all children that we know of residing in West Lothian and eligible for admission to P1 or S1 in August 2020 to advise them this process has now started.  If your child attends a West Lothian Council Nursery or Primary School these have been sent to the Nursery/School to be sent home in their bag.  We do not issue letters to children attending a West Lothian Nursery/School who have an address outwith the West Lothian Council boundary.

You do not require to have received a letter to complete an application, so if your child is of eligible age and you wish to apply for a P1 or S1 place within a West Lothian School then please go to the link provided above and complete an application.  Applications are not granted on a, "first come first served basis, but once received and processed a letter will be issued to confirm receipt of your application.  If you have not received this letter within 4 weeks of submitting your application, then please contact pupil placement to query.  

The administrative closing date for submission of completed applications for P1 and S1 places for the August 2020 intake is 31 December 2019.

Applications for any stage in primary/secondary school for 2019/2020 - are processed by the school, if you submit an on-line or send a paper application to Pupil Placement for the current session, we will forward it to the school you are applying for to be considered.

Applications for P2-P7 or S2-S6 in primary/secondary school to start in August 2020 -  If you wish to apply for a place in stages P2 - P7 or S2 - S6 from August 2020, please do not complete an application until June 2020, as schools are unable to hold a place for longer than 2 weeks, however we do not count school holidays in the 2 weeks, therefore a place allocated 2 weeks before the summer holidays can be held until the 1st day of term in August 2020.