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Mobile Traders and Street Trader Hygiene & Safety Standards

People who operate or, intend to operate, a temporary or mobile food stall or vehicle need to ensure they know how to comply with food and safety law.

Most activities involving mobile or street trading vehicles will require to be licensed. For more information you should visit the council web pages regarding licensed activities . If your business requires to be licenced you will need to obtain a certificate of compliance from environmental health. You will find the following information helpful in making sure you meet the necessary standards of compliance:

You will also find our other web pages on food safety issues helpful.

If your vehicle sounds chimes, or uses music systems or vehicle horns to attract customers attention you should also be mindful of the time restrictions on how and when they can be used to ensure you do not create a nuisance.

If you are a new business or if there have been significant changes in the operation of your business you will need to complete a food premises registration form.

If you require a licence you cannot trade until you are issued with a valid licence from West Lothian Council. The certificate of compliance we issue is not a licence. It only allows you to make an application for a licence. It is against the law to trade without a licence.