Animals we don't deal with

This is a list of animals we do not offer a service to control and why.

For insects we do not deal with and why - please see the Other Insects/Invertebrates section.

Treatments for some of these may be available from private contractors. As prices can vary, we would always recommend seeking three quotes from private contractors.


The council decided in 1995 that the pest control service would no longer deal with rabbits.  In addition it is the land occupiers (not owners) responsibility under The Pests Act 1954 to ensure there are no rabbits on their land.  It is not important where they are coming from, once they are on your land it is your responsibility to control them.  You should contact a reputable rabbit control company if required.  This may change in the future.


Badgers are protected under law which covers not only destruction but also disturbance.  Contact Scottish Natural Heritage on or telephone 0131 316 2600


The council do not provide a service for foxes.  You may get further information by contacting The Fox Project at  Or on 01892 826222 for information on deterring foxes.


Bats are protected under law which covers not only destruction but also disturbance. Contact Scottish Natural Heritage on or telephone 0131 316 2600


Cats are free roaming animals and the owners of cats cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of their pets.  Therefore the council cannot and will not take any action on cats or their owners.

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