Supported Employment Service

Are you a local Employer interested in recruiting or currently employing a staff member with a disability?

What we do

West Lothian Council provide a free, professional and tailored employability and recruitment service.

Meeting your recruitment and business needs we offer:

  • Specialist advice and support when you are employing someone with a disability
  • A fee-free service that takes the time to understand your company's requirements
  • A hassle-free and bespoke recruitment process that saves you time and money
  • The option of no-obligation work trials so you know you have made the right choice
  • Ongoing support and in-work training for you, your staff and your new employee
  • A way to grow your business by enhancing your local reputation and increasing social impact

'Having someone with autism working as part of our team is an absolute blessing. It has not only pulled our team together to work more efficiently, but also improved the output. For me as a manager I'm finding it so rewarding working closely with him, we've overcome challenges and he's blossoming as an employee and making friends.The one main thing noted from the very start is how easy it's been to train him he's very bright and learns quickly.' Cat McMillan, Trig Avionics


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Or for more information visit: 

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