Apply for a Road Permit

West Lothian Council's Roads and Transportation Service can assist you with the supply of road permits.

We supply permits for the placement of skips, scaffolding/hoarding, storage containers/cabins, cranes/hoists and access towers on the public road. We also provide permits for road/footway openings, including those for dropped crossings at vehicle accesses.

For the purpose of Placing, maintaining, adjusting or removing apparatus in, or under a road (including excavating in or boring under the road)
Application for consent to execute works, conduct Operations excavate, place & retain apparatus in road (Excluding work connected with building operations e.g. Deposition of building materials, hoardings, staging or scaffolding)
Application for consent to construct a footway crossing for purposes of gaining access to a driveway.
Section 59 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 prohibits the placement of anything on the public road that could constitute an obstruction, unless the written consent of the Roads Authority is given.
You can apply to occupy the public road in connection with building operations by completing our Section 58 Road Occupation Permit.
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